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11/10/01 Grizzlies @ Blizzard

grizzlie shoveling

The Blizzard faced off against the New Jersey Grizzlies on Saturday night @ Patterson Park. From the drop of the puck the team 'stormed' the lady "cubs" from New Jersey, scoring 3 goals before the game was 10 minutes old.

Anne rushed the puck up the ice and promptly deposited the puck in the back of the net. Before the goalie had a chance to stand up Arianne had placed 3 more pucks behind her, causing the goalie to contemplate an early hibernation.

New Jersey's captain scored to keep it close, however the goals continued to gather in the Grizzly net, with goals by Stacey and another Blizzard player.

The Grizzlies picked up their play in the third period but were not able to weather a tough "D" and Goaltending. Final score Blizzard 7, Grizzlies 1.

After the game we all shook hands, except for the Grizzlies captain. Who from the sound she made while lying on the ice late in the third period, apparently broke her wrist.